Why Ghosts Can Only be Recorded Through Old Cell Phones or Cameras?

Why Ghosts Can Only be Recorded Through Old Cell Phones or Cameras?

Subtle beings or ghosts are entities that do exist around us, they are in the form of a very subtle substance that even looking at them with our eyes we may not be able to see them, because the invisibility of these subtle beings makes us think of them as fiction.

It is not only because they are in the form of matter or consist of energy, this transparent energy or matter is what makesghost cannot be seen with just the naked eye, because to be able to see them, at least you need to lower your entire brain frequency to the teta wave, when you can lower your brain frequency, then you can easily see whatever you want to see, including these subtle beings.

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Well there are many people who think about this, why can ghosts only be recorded by the old version of the camera? why can't the latest version of the camera record it too? well maybe below you can get an explanation, what are they? just follow the information this time. 

1. Pixel Quality That is Still Below Standard

That's right, when you try to record using an old-school cellphone camera or an old camera, the recording quality will usually look like it has low pixels. 

It is characterized by the quality of video images that look checkered and not so perfect, well that happens because old cameras are only able to capture low resolution causing the quality of the video image to be split. 

Now when the image on the video is broken up, then you will be able to see every movement of the object you are recording, so when an object moves of course the pixels will be slightly damaged at the place of movement. 

Most astral activity is often caught on old cameras/CCTVs because the quality of the image resolution is probably 144p, so people can see the movement of objects through the process of observing the broken pixels. 

2. Frame Rate That's Too Low

That's right, a video with a low resolution then the frame given is low, of course we can see every visible movement, I will give you a brief explanation, when an object wants to pass of course it takes at least 50 images per second (for old school cameras) in order to get the desired video results.

Now when they do the video capture process, they will certainly be surprised because they can see movement after movement of invisible creatures because the frames obtained are very low, so old school cameras usually take about 0.15 seconds in the process of taking pictures into frames.

That's why when the FPS or Frame Per Second is too low, we can see the movement of objects or foreign objects inconstantly, aka there is a pause of a few seconds, that's because the images produced to form one video are fewer.

3. More Contrasting Colors

We can also make a reference to contrasting colors, if in this era where modern cameras have appropriate and richer colors, it is different in the old school camera era, when you see old cameras footage, of course you will know that the camera only has a few colors, so if the background is a little dark blue then the objects around the background can be darker or the opposite.


Now from the 3 above, they are combined into 1 and get the general features of old school cameras, these cameras were able to record every supernatural event after event at that time, then what is the difference with modern cameras?

Actually, modern cameras can also capture the movement of ghosts, but of course it takes precision to see them rather than old school cameras, most of which do not have to look in detail at the parts that are allegedly sightings.

So actually, whether it's a modern camera or an old school camera, we can also record an apparition, nowadays we already have several features that can make the image contrast of a video, so we can see objects or living things that can be distinguished by color, then we can also check the video whether the video is real or fake.

Of course you will gradually understand that even old school cameras or modern cameras still can capture ghost sightings, so what's the problem about the modern camera ? the problem is it takes time to clean up the video, such as increasing the contrast so that we can see what objects are moving, then lowering the quality a little so that we can see if there is an object that moves, when there is an object that moves in low resolution it will automatically pixelate around it.